Mission Statement

Our mission is to leverage education, supporting community needs through philanthropy, providing good.


What started in the valley of Phoenix, Arizona, as a way to give back to a community in need has now relocated to the Michiana area actively pursuing avenues in which to do the same.


The Joseph Foundation, Inc. a 501c3, was iterated by Bobby and Penny King in 2003 in the spirit of helping others. It began as a self-funded organization looking to disperse monetary gifts among those in need, often, in a benevolent, anonymous fashion.


While in the valley, the Joseph Foundation helped to support Cancer research, veterans dental care, and the support of those recently widowed, through outreach and education.


Recently domiciled in northern Indiana, we are now working on bringing similar gifts to those in the Michiana area.


Our mission is to leverage education, through philanthropy, providing good.


We believe in leading with a servant’s heart; as noted by the name of the foundation. The goal is to support others through difficult challenges that might otherwise be a deterrent to the person they can become. 


Currently, the board of the Joseph Foundation is involved in several local projects. As those become reality, we would be happy to give determinations and outcomes.